We are closed in August. See you on 4th September...

Nous sommes fermés en Août. Au revoir au 4 Septembre...


" Ceci n'est pas une librairie"

Librebook is not the usual bookshop - First because of a unique selection of contemporary novels in more than 20 European languages. And then because Librebook is not just about bookselling but rather about multi-cultural experiencing and discovering through and around books and more...

Librebook is a truly European project that aims at breaking borders,

at developing unpredictable relations and at networking diverse cultural

and literary experiences.

Librebook is a cultural café where you can feel and touch the European linguistic diversity, where you can enjoy literary discoveries in your preferred languages while tasting an espresso or a cup of tea, where you can meet book-lovers and writers (and translators and publishers) from all over Europe and beyond, where you can find and "read" natural wine or better understand how develop creativity through dedicated workshops. While Babel is still under construction, at Librebook you can always take your time and relax...

Librebook is European.

What's Europe? An idea, a concept? An open or a "confined" space , a fortress made of national cultures?

According to Edgar Morin "L'Europe est notre communauté de destin (Schicksalgemeinschaft)" and we agree with him.

Europe is a space where you want to live in peace after hundreds of years of wars. It's a space where differences should be a value and where meeting and mixing them should unite us. Where human, civil and social (including economic and environmental) rights are the ground for building our common future.

This is what Librebook stands for.

No more no less.



we wish you a happy new year full of ... Reading & Reaction & Resilience

en vous souhaitant une bonne année pleine de ... (Re)lecture & action & silience










"Visual Poetry" Collection

Screenprint by Serse Luigetti (Librebook copy printed by Redfoxpress, Ireland)